***Scammers impersonating Cancel Timeshare***

Cancel Timeshare received notice from a concerned consumer yesterday of recent 'cold calls' from a company claiming to be Cancel Timeshare. Please be weary of any company that calls or contacts you. Our company does not conduct any type of telemarketing, and this is most likely a scammer attemtping to steal your information.

***Cancel Timeshare does not call consumers unless opted-in. ***

If you receive any harassing phone calls regarding your timeshare, please remember:

  1. DO NOT share personal information - scammers may be attempting to steal your identity.

  2. DO NOT engage with scammers in conversations, remain polite but firm.

  3. DO report the harassing call to the FTC here.

Additional Resources for reporting and assistance -

  1. Consumer FAQs on Do Not Call Registry

  2. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  3. Find your Attorney General

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