Many clients have asked our team -

"What will happen if I stop paying on my timeshares during the timeshare cancellation process?"

There is no easy answer to this question because each case is different. This is a personal choice and we will support our clients no matter what they decide. We know that when our clients bought their timeshare that they were lied to and likely put into financial strain from the credit card debts, high interest loans, and many times personal circumstances may have changed.

What we can say about the stopping of payments on timeshare loans -

  1. We do not require our clients to make payments to their timeshare companies like many of our competitors - this is simply a personal choice and will not impact our case. The only type of service that requires our clients to keep timeshare accounts in good standing is the Timeshare Exit Service (for paid off timeshares).

  2. We are partnered with Credit Renew to ensure our clients have access to the best Credit Repair & Protection program offered.

  3. If you have already stopped payments on your timeshare, please let our team know if you decide to hire us because it may help us during Phase II of our process - Analyzing Case Details.

  4. No company can guarantee what will or won't happen to your credit score based on a single event. Credit scoring is complex, algorithmic and based on numerous factors.

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