Cancel Timeshare's Mortgage Intervention Service is for timeshare owners who were misled and are still paying on their timeshare.

Cancel Timeshare's process is focused on cancelling the timeshare and accompanying debt as quickly as possibly. In this short article we will cover -

  1. Who may qualify for this service

  2. What you can expect

  3. How long it may take

  4. Other considerations

1. Who qualifies for our Timeshare Mortgage Intervention -

Typically we have found that these are the most common issues faced by timeshare owners who want to cancel their mortgaged timeshares. However, it's not an all inclusive list -

  • You were misled or lied to when you bought your timeshare

  • You were told you could rent your timeshare or that it was an investment

  • You were told you could refinance your timeshare and bought with that contingency in mind

  • You were refused your lawful right of rescission

  • You were told you could sell your timeshare for a profit

  • You had your credit information altered to ensnare you into high interest timeshare loans

  • The timeshare has become a financial burden because all the material facts were not disclosed at the time of purchase.

To ensure you qualify book a call with our team, book a call today.

2. What you can expect during the Timeshare Mortgage Intervention -

After you hire Cancel Timeshare we have a very structured process. You will work with the same Case Manager throughout the process. We do 99% of the work needed to cancel your timeshare, but at times need your help.

Some items we need your assistance with -

  1. Submitting Documents - we need all the timeshare documents you may have.

  2. Onboarding Call - your Case Manager will want to get as many details about your timeshare situation as possible.

  3. Case Updates - We will reach out every month to give you updates on your case and go over the next actions we may take.

However, we strive to make it as easy as possible. Not only will you have access to our client portal. We even have our own iOS and Android Apps to keep our clients in the loop (to learn more about our portal click here).

Ready to start the process and cancel your timeshare once and for all?

3. How long will my Timeshare Mortgage Intervention take -

Each case is different, but we guarantee every timeshare owner who hires us will have their timeshare cancelled within 24 months. The easy rule of thumb is - the more timeshares owned (i.e. the more contracts) then the longer the process take.

Clients can assist us in speeding up the process by promptly submitting their timeshare documents quickly and responding/communicating with their case manager quickly.

Another consideration is - if our clients have already attempted to cancel their timeshares on their own or with another company it does add to the timeline because our case management team may have to undo all the mistakes either the client or another firm may have made.

Ready to start the process and cancel your timeshare once and for all?

4. Other considerations when cancelling your timeshare -

Some of our clients are no longer making their mortgage payments on their timeshare, while other clients continue paying their timeshare mortgage.

This is a personal choice that each client must decide. We do not recommend to stop making payments, but also understand that each situation is different and every client must decide ultimately what is best for them and their family.

If our clients do decide to stop making payments on their timeshare(s) then we recommend they sign up for Credit Renew. Credit Renew is the only FICO driven credit repair program and has been our partner since day one. Their process is aimed at timeshare owner credit protection and they are our exclusive credit repair partners. No other company offers this level of support.

Ready to start the process and cancel your timeshare once and for all?

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