The Timeshare Exit Service is an easy way to get rid of a timeshare.

Timeshare owners choose this service when time, cost and ease are important. If your unwilling to wait to sell your timeshare (and then still pay a transfer fee) or if you don't want to deal with the hassle of trying to research a closing company to do the timeshare transfer paperwork - then this may be a great option for you.

Even though you can try to sell, give away or donate your timeshare - the truth is the carrying cost to wait while it sells may be more than what our service costs. Cancel Timeshare's service takes away the painful waiting period and transfer process for the DIY selling process (if you were even successful in selling it) and also ensures that when your name comes off the ownership, it is done the correct way to prevent future liabilities.

How Timeshare Exit works

The first step for every client is to set up a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our experts. Book a call here to see what your options to get rid of your timeshare are


The second step is determining eligibility to get rid of your timeshare

Not all timeshares qualify for this service. Unfortunately, Some owners are without options to get rid of their unwanted timeshares.

The third step is after hiring our company. You will receive our Welcome Packet within 72 hours of signing your Service Agreement. We will need copies of your Deed or Points Certificate, the most recent Maintenance Fee Bill, a Limited Power of Attorney and an Estoppel Request Form.Your Welcome Packet comes with instructions and pre-paid return postage. Once we receive your paperwork we can began the Timeshare Exit process and start transferring your timeshare out of your name. The service is completed on average in about 12 weeks and is guaranteed to be completed no later than 18 months after receiving your Welcome Packet documents back.

The final step is receiving notification that your timeshare transfer is completed with a Deedback Release Form from your resort. This is the conclusion of the Timeshare Exit Service.

What it costs

Our Timeshare Exit Service cost per contract is $1,999 and includes all Transfer, Title and Closing Costs. We ensure your Timeshare Exit (or Timeshare Transfer as some refer to it) are done according to the rules and requirements of your timeshare resort, developer, HOA, and the applicable local and state laws.

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