How to get Onboarded with Cancel Timeshare

First off - welcome to Cancel Timeshare! We are honored that you entrusted us with the task of getting rid of your timeshare once and for all. We wanted to give you a quick run down of what to expect during the Onboarding Process and are always available if you need our help.

Welcome Call

After hiring us we will reach out to introduce ourselves and you will meet your Onboarding Specialist. They will get you started and assist you during this phase of the process.

Getting into the Client Portal

The first step after completing your Service Agreement is to sign in to the Client Portal. The login link will work with the email you provided to complete the Service Agreement with - login by clicking here. If it's your first time logging in, please select "reset password" to set an original password.

Onboarding Tasks

Depending on the service you hired us for you will have different tasks. Here is what we will need to start the process of cancelling your timeshare:

Timeshare Exit Service

  1. Timeshare Documents - please upload a copy of your Deed or Ownership Certificate and most recent maintenance fee statement to the Client Portal/Mobile App

  2. Complete the Estoppel Request Form on the Client Portal

  3. Complete your LPOA on the portal, print it and get it notarized then mail it back to us.

  4. When you receive the completed Estoppel from your timeshare developer please send us a copy (email preferred).

All of these tasks are available inside the Client Portal -

Timeshare Mortgage Intervention Service

  1. Timeshare Documents - please upload all timeshare contracts and documents to the Client Portal/Mobile App (the more stuff you give us the better off you will be)

  2. Complete the Intake Assessment on the Client Portal

  3. Complete the Dispute Authorization Form on the portal

    1. Remember - all parties who are listed on the timeshare must complete this document and the ESign Form requires a unique email for each signor.

  4. Complete your Onboarding Call - Schedule time with your Case Manager to discuss all the details of your case.

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